ELEGANT COPPER MAGNETIC BRACELET: Beautifully designed pure copper magnetic bracelet. This classy and understated bracelet looks great on both men and women alike.

EXTRA STRONG MAGNETS: This magnetic bracelet incorporates 6 powerful neodymium bioenergy magnets. Each Neodymium Magnet has a strength of 3000 Gauss!

ION PLATING TREATMENT: This bracelet benefits from unique ion Plating technology resulting in a spectacular beautiful black finish that not only looks like Jewellery, but is durable and, of course, anti-allergic.

ADJUSTABLE: The bracelet can be adjusted to fit you perfectly by simply squeezing or opening it and securing it around your wrist. We recommend wearing it tight against your skin, and it will fit a wrist size from 6¼” (160mm) to 7½” (190mm).


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